Case History

Customer engagement for Francesco Biasia, Braccialini Group

Case History

Customer engagement for Francesco Biasia, Braccialini Group

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Develop a fashion social website for Francesco Biasia, creating a brand experience by expanding brand audience and perception within its reference target audience and the activated social networks

Braccialini has chosen IAKI to design the new positioning for Francesco Biasia, an Italian fashion handbag brand. IAKI has responded with a customer engagement strategy: from web design to social media marketing.

How did the collaboration with Braccialini start?

When we got to know the Braccialini company, we were won over by the Francesco Biasia brand and we proposed, via an informal e-mail, a project inspired by his charisma and designed to keep this as a reference value. We hit the mark with our perception towards the brand, our experience and our determination, and in the “cradle of the Renaissance” known as Florence, we reached an agreement.

What are the goals of Francesco Biasia?

Francesco Biasia is a fashion handbag brand belonging to the Braccialini Group, launched in 1977 as a creative artisan brand in Vicenza. A brand that has made its way around the world outlining its Made in Italy recognisability and getting a good brand reputation, but with a slightly sophisticated awareness in recent years. Francesco Biasia needed a boost and had the potential. The goals: to capitalise on the brand experience, increase awareness and nurture the brand reputation. All this in order to build a new brand identity. Strong, clear, recognisable and memorable.

And how did you respond?

The first step was to build a Francesco Biasia brand positioning. We entered the intimate world of women, possible Francesco Biasia buyers, and asked ourselves who they were, what work they might do and which places or events they might frequent. We listened to the handbags, trying to understand what they had to say to us. We looked at the models one by one, and we researched and identified the conceptual plots behind each shape and colour. We also did some web listening to understand women’s perception towards the brand. We realised that there was fertile ground and that we were headed in the right direction; in short, a brand identity was already taking shape.

A brand identity that you contributed to building, but how did you do it?

We built an identity code, a language, and we  outlined the Biasia woman. IAKI created the customer engagement storytelling project by having not only women talk, but also their bag intimacy, their emotions, activating and developing a total brand experience.