We are the customer engagement agency. We develop every channel of contact between brands and people, transforming interactions into tangible results.

Since 2004, we’ve crafted every project according to a mix of excellence combining both brain hemispheres, data and ideas. 


Since 2004, we have anticipated the changes in the communication scenario and played an active role in its evolution. We understood the direction that digital communication would take with the growth of social media, and have developed an innovative model that places customer engagement at the center of communication.


Taking advantage of the bilateral efficiency of the brain, we at IAKI deploy each activity with a balance between logic and instinct, reasoning and synthesis, abstract and analogical. According to a binary of excellence perfected year after year, project after project, we engage both brain hemispheres for communication: data and ideas.  The analysis of data with the latest generation of tools provides the foundation and verification of our strategies, while the most effective ideas enhance the entire process, generating tangible results.