IAKI is a customer engagement agency: our mission is to make brands relevant to people, turning conversations and involvement into sales results.

The new media have been really new: they are creating behaviors and ways to communicate that didn’t exist before. IAKI feels at home in this scenario and has developed the technical and creative skills to make feel its clients at home as well. It seems like yesterday, but it’s been happening since 2004, when we were the first to bring experiential marketing to Italy. In 2005, we dwelled in social media, which at the time were much less crowded, and now when you ask us for an integrated project, we can answer “Welcome to our home.”

How you can recognize us

Even if we don’t love standing too long in front of the mirror, we have discovered we have a unique profile. We were told by our clients, for whom we have completed over 300 projects.

  • We walk across the borders. We are constantly attracted by the open spaces and the most open of them all is the future: a view that satisfies our desire to innovate and experiment. And since the frontier of customer engagement moves every day a little farther, we travel light and we never settle down.
  • We are passionate about people. We love to find out what they think and to talk to them. It is fortunate that it is a fundamental element of our job, so we can invest some of our time to know what they want. Since we love people so much, we decided to abolish the word “target”: if you hear us using it, you are allowed to punch us.
  • We jump into things. We find it hard to work for customer engagement without being engaged. For us, every project is a story of passion. We start with a good dose of empathy and identification, but we often get to complete symbiosis. And if during a pitch you already begin see small increases in your business do not be surprised: it’s us trying your products.

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