Learning from clients

Every client is different, and we try to learn something from each one of them. Our experience with editorials has taught us that even the best texts must be adapted to the needs of social communication, whereas working for big telco clients has cemented our belief that we must provide clear and timely answers to the people; this is just to name two of the industries we operate in. We have found that operating in different industries leads to a process of cross-fertilization: the experience grown in a field, allows to collect best fruits also in all the others.

Speaking of clients, we covered several industries: clothing, food, associations, automotive, B2B, consumer goods, durable goods, beverages, cosmetics, distribution, publishing, electronics, energy, entertainment, finance, telecoms, tourism and various other.

Using the menu below you can filter the projects in the areas and sectors of your interest. All of our case histories began with an e-mail. Write it to us.


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