Social media marketing agency: conversations

Why do companies need social media marketing agencies to communicate with people? People’s conversations have moved to a new house. Now they are mainly in social places, shared digital spaces accessible at any time and with an audience capacity previously unimaginable. For brands, the primary communication objective has not changed: to spread their message, to be remembered, to convince, to ignite behaviors.

Starting conversations with a social media marketing agency

In the time of social media, it’s the how that’s changed: advertising pressure and timely information are no longer enough. Participation is the very mobile engine around which every day we chase the opinions and emotions of millions of people in social places: triggering conversations has become a question of involvement, of engagement. Empowering people is a challenge every time, that’s why IAKI is a social media marketing agency which has cultivated a close-knit group of professionals, very effective in these areas:

  • Expertise on social media
  • Expertise in communication
  • Expertise in the technical developments

Social media marketing services

We work with in-house teams highly specialized in these areas:

  • Web monitoring and reputation management
Social media audit
  • Facebook marketing
Twitter marketing
Brand blogging
  • Community marketing
  • Word-of-mouth (WOM) programmes
Viral marketing
  • Influencer marketing and digital PR
  • Social advertising and Facebook advertising

In depth analysis:


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