Facebook marketing is a new world

For some years, such words as share, tag, like and post have been part of everyone’s vocabulary. Facebook has completely changed the world of digital communication with its own ecosystem made of people, marketing and advertising, technology and a real language. A system regulated by specific codes, a technology platform complex and above all a social system of daily behaviors that influence the relationship between people and brands.

A new multi-disciplinary approach

All this requires a multi-disciplinary approach in order to be able to exploit the full potential of communication and business effectiveness. In IAKI no one will ever be accused of spending too much time on Facebook; he’s just doing his job: to listen, to study the behavior of social communication, to understand the most authentic levers on which to act to create conversation around brands and their values. This interest is cross-team and each team shares the results of their research with others. It’s a multi-disciplinary approach that allows to manage the complexity of the Facebook system and  provides sales effectiveness, as well as the growth of the fan base.

Social ideas for Facebook marketing

Creativity is essential in a project of Facebook marketing. Good ideas surface in the sea of content on Facebook and are immediately recognized. Beautiful ideas attract attention and have many friends because they are easy to share.

Social brands

These are the ideas that we have taken many brands on Facebook with, often making their debut in the world of social media marketing, with the first operations carried out in Italy in 2009; with them we have created dozens of Facebook marketing strategies, with significant results in terms of ROI. The experience of Facebook is confirming that commercial success comes to brands that know to be engaging and relevant for the lives of real people.

In depth analysis:


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