Digital PR or Influencer marketing?

The apparent similarity between digital PR and Influencer marketing conceals profound differences, both in the approach and in results.
WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association), the leading international organization in the field of word of mouth and social media, has so defined two terms:

  • Influencer: a person who, through word of mouth, gets a strong reaction from his audience, in a field or market.
  • Influencer marketing: activity with which you seek, identify and engage influencers in support of a marketing operation.

The use of the term digital PR, instead, refers to the use of typical techniques of public relations, based on an exchange a more dynamic than the creation of a relationship.

Influencer marketing: transparent relations

On this basis IAKI has developed its own approach to the world of social influence: a relationship between agency, companies, bloggers and public inspired by transparency, respect of consumers’ interests and honesty of the opinions expressed by the influencers of the network. Our work lives in accordance with the rules of the WOMMA Code of Ethics.

IAKI blogger network

IAKI program, launched in 2010, has been a great success, among both the influencers and companies. The influencer involved in the IAKI network are now over a thousand people. In the initial phase contacts are selected ad hoc by the agency, according to three criteria:

  • Blog overall quality
  • Importance of the blog in the relevant area
  • Participation of bloggers in social media conversations

People are involved solely on the basis of a declared interest in participate in individual projects; each one operates according to the editorial lines of their blog, and in the interest of their audience.

Bloggers and influencers interested in a closer look can get in touch here.

In depth analysis:

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