Experiential Marketing starts from facts

Fact: recession has given a turn for the worse to the spending and investment ability of people and companies. Brand’s and product’s reputation are no longer enough. Advertising pressure is no longer sufficient. Traditional events absorb high rates of budget often without bringing the desired results. In this scenario experiential marketing has the unique ability to create interest and to get people involved.

The origins of experiential approach

Experiential marketing was born in the States from studies of Bernd Schmitt’s, a professor at the prestigious Columbia Business School in New York. The objective of this approach is to improve the effectiveness of communication by creating positive experiences between people and brands, so to influence buying behavior. In order to do so, it develops an approach that affects the stages of communication, purchase and consumption, to achieve emotional and rational.

The value of experiential marketing

The value of this approach is much higher today, being it more tiring for brands to buy communication spaces with shrinking budgets. Therefore, experiential marketing chooses to replace one-way advertising with the development of as unique, engaging and memorable experiences as no advertising campaign can aspire to be. A journey that not only stimulates the mind, but it also urges the emotions and answers people’s expectations.

IAKI Experience

Since 2004 IAKI’s work in the field of events has been based on the approach of experiential marketing. Our solutions go beyond simple contacts and media planning numbers: they aim to people’s active and involved participation to discover the products, to their testing and their sharing of experiences. This means that people can interact with the brand, developing activities that engage them emotionally and give them room for expression. This task is made more effective by adding spaces of conversation on social media to in these events, where we can collect and enhance the experience of people.

In depth analysis:

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