What is Gamification?

Imagine you get points if you arrive on time at the office. Or if you brush your teeth after lunch. Or if you take the bike instead of the car. As if life was a game. Welcome to the age of Gamification, or the application of the videogames dynamics outside the videogames world.

  • Badge
  • Levels
  • Leaderboard
  • Progression bars
  • Challenges

These are all elements of videogames that are applied to marketing and creativity, to motivate people to do things: this way the brands become not only the bearers of a message, but real playmates.

Customer engagement through Gamification

Gamification is a kind of marketing that gets people fully involved: it aims to do engagement. This is because a happy user is also loyal and he’s more likely to come back and visit us, or to choose one of our products, and to contribute more actively to build the brand. First of all by spending time together with the brand and then talking to the other. With all the enthusiasm of a keen player.

How to do Gamification

Here you can really talk of game rules. In IAKI we have everything you need to trigger effective Gamification dynamics. First of all, we are passionate players: those who do not know how to play, do not know how to make people play. We need a precise knowledge of the main dynamics that characterize video games in particular. Then, we are passionate observers of human behavior. This is to be able to propose game dynamics that people like and may find involving. Finally, we speak fluently the language of the internet, especially the social networking sites like Facebook, where Gamification can express its potential as an effective viral marketing and customer engagement tool.

Other customer engagement tools:


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