Generator Rex – Cartoon Network Asia Augmented Reality application developed for the series genertor Rex Cartoon Network Asia. Interacting with the application children occur if their bodies were owned by microscopic machines. Application is accessed from both the website and from the Facebook page of Cartoon Network. You can then upload your video to YouTube or share it on Facebook personal profile.

Lolita Lempicka Lolita Lempicka Premier Parfume chose the technology of Augmented Reality to impress their consumers and fans. Through the application, the woman becomes the main protagonist of Lolita creative universe. The animation starts when the user closer to the screen the advertising page of the magazine.

New Golf Cabriolet – Volkswagen France The Golf Cabriolet is finally back on the market after 9 years of absence, and after that had been produced for over 23 years. Volkswagen France has chosen Augmented Reality to restart it! Application is made for smartphones (Android and iPhone) and iPad2. The user is able to experience total with the product: it is possible to open the roof, turn 360 degrees the car, check and change some accessories, change the color of the body.


BNP Paribas Fortis – Xmas Campaign (Paris) Advergame created by Augmented Reality Campaign Christmas BNL Paribas Fortis Bank in Paris. The application had two distinct phases: the first offered the chance to capture the faces of the children, then customize them with graphics and share your photos on the Internet, and the second allowed to play online flyer showing the webcam.

Nike Store – FC Stadium (Barcelona) Augmented Reality installation made in January 2011 at the Nike Store located in the Museum of the Football Federation of Barcelona. The fans had no way to interact with the application and holding in your hands the World Cup won by Spain during the 2010 Championships. The whole experience was then stored in a video uploaded to an online site.

Ray-Ban Shop Interactive shop window that used Augmented Reality for an application where you could virtually wear some models of sunglasses Ray-Ban. Visitors to the SILMO, trade fair in Paris, could easily access and experience first-hand experience.


Alstom – Event (Paris) This is probably the most important event ever made using special effects of Augmented Reality. During the event were used dramatic effects: a true 1:1 scale model that interacted with the two presenters on stage and hosted a train of size.

Citroën C42 – DS3 Racing Car Augmented Reality Game dedicated to Citroën DS3 Racing Car at the C42, Citroën showroom internationally. The application was placed at some kiosks and offered visitors the opportunity to experience virtually the experience of racing.

Nestlè (Poland) Installation of three games that use Augmented Reality for Winiary brand of Nestle, Poland. It was an educational project on the theme of healthy nutrition for children. Through a wireless interface, the children could interact with the application and answer the questions that were asked. The bus reached 50 schools in three months, more than 1,100 children involved!


Coca Cola Zero – Promo Avatar At the launch of the film AVATAR by James Cameron, Coca-Cola Company has partnered with 20th Century Fox to create a synergy during the campaign Adv. Part of the communication budget was invested in a project Augmented Reality. Through the application, branded with Coca-Cola Zero, you fell into the film, making him the hero Samson who operated a helicopter, vehicle present in the same AVATAR.

Haribo France – multiplatform game Haribo France in April 2011 launched a communication campaign for the line of candy “Dragibus.” The name of the campaign was “Manjouez!” translated into “Eat and play.” Over time have been released several releases of the application of Augmented Reality: Dragibus candy eaters should try to capture their favorites tastes playing with the application for the website or the mobile for Apple or for the Android Store.

Carlton Kids – Fairyland Magic (England) The English publisher Carlton Kids has decided to launch several series of books integrated with the technology of Augmented Reality: Dinosaurs Alive, Fairyland Magic and The Magic of Christmas became real and started to come alive when the small players posed pages of the book in front of the monitor, and then the application.


Natural Science Museum – Redondo Beach (Los Angeles) Total Immersion has joined forces with two environmental organizations to promote the theme of ecology in the Museum of Natural Sciences, the SEA Lab in Redondo Beach, near Los Angeles. The Augmented Reality applications were three and were installed in a kiosk. Objective: To teach children the impact of the environment and nature, both through the interactivity that the projection of video information.

Ben Ten – Cartoon Network More than 12,000 young fans gathered at the Kanteerava Stadium in Bangalore to greet their star cartoon characters during the “Toon Cricket – The Ultimate Showdown” organized by Cartoon Network in November 2010. Adding to the excitement has also contributed to the application of Augmented Reality that did participate in a live contest and live the reality with their host star Ben Ten.

Amiens Cathedral (France) Amiens has the distinction of being the first city to have communicated its Cathedral with Augmented Reality. The entire cathedral was modeled in 3D, taking into account the effects of light both day and night Anyone, simply by showing a brochure at the monitor, and then in front of the application, you could get inside the cathedral, discover the features and navigate it The same application was also placed in kiosks near the place.


Zoo&Co Shop Web-based shopping experience where users can wear swimsuits staying at home thanks to Augmented Reality: a sort of virtual fitting room! This experience strengthens confidence in the product and increase conversions purchase online. The brand, in turn, has the ability to provide product information and collect feedback on the behavior and consumer choice.

See it On: eBay’s Fashion Demo “See it On” is the application of Augmented Reality Mobile Application embedded within eBay’s Fashion where users can wear in real-time models of sunglasses in the mall. Through an iPhone 4 or iPod Touch equipped with a front camera, the app provides to make a recognition of facial lines and to wear the frames, perfectly fitting.

Independet Fitting Room Augmented Reality application, installed in a kiosk in store. Wearing a simulation model of the paper can later watch was virtually in real format on their wrist, accompanied by all the information necessary for the purchase Optimization of the purchasing process and high conversion rate into sales.

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