Viral marketing

We like viral marketing because it’s one of those rare cases in which intention and result perfectly match.
A successful viral project is an unqualified success: the number of shares, indexes of diffusion, the volume of conversation are the proof of it.

It’s a viral only if it works

We believe that a project of viral marketing can not be as such only in its intention.
If the results do not show the viral spreading, it would be more right to speak of wannabe marketing, which is not our type of marketing.
It is important to remember that there are not only viral videos: from an application to a headline, a lot of content can be virally contagious.
During the creative process, you must ask yourself the question “why would I show it to anyone?” and the production process must be implemented with tools that turn this potential sharing into real sharing.

Customer engagement through viral marketing

A viral content can be easily integrated into a larger customer engagement project: if it can walk with their own legs, it is precisely because it’s engaging.

Take a look at some of IAKI VIRAL MARKETING projects

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