What is Digital Identity?

Digital identity is the common thread that allows a brand to not get lost in the many forms of its presence on the internet. When the rumors about Facebook, the twits on Twitter and the website tools make up a balanced harmony, it means that they are following the same score: the digital identity.

Sharing a digital life

In addition to the classical questions of brand identity (who are we? What do we do for the others?), digital identity has to answer another question: how do we get to be part of the digital life of people? The relationship with the others, is in fact the main reason for the presence of a digital brand, and digital identity helps to describe how this relationship must be cultivated.
Since it’s designed to anticipate and meet the demands of the people, the identity allows to design a rewarding and natural user experience.

Measuring the effectivness of a Digital Identity

In the digital world, the ways of measuring the effectiveness of brand identity also change. There is mention less of brand awareness and top-of-mind then of increasingly volume of conversations and share conversation. Since the user has an active role in the relation with the brand, many more variables than in the offline world come into play:

  • Visibility and life in search engines
  • Life and conversation in social media
  • Life on mobile devices

These are just some of the touchpoints that IAKI considers to build a proper digital identity. And when the brand is welcomed into the digital life of the people you can really talk about digital brand equity.

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