Customer Engagement

“Customer Engagement” is our pay-off because it is more concise and less threatening than “without creating involvement and showing a willingness to talk with the people, brands won’t go anywhere anymore.” But both expressions say exactly what we think: brands must interpret and listen to the needs of people and learn how to be relevant for them.

Brands that create engagement

This change has been reinforced by the social media up to a level where it’s hard to think about going back. On the other hand, why should we want it? Finally, brands can stop guessing, start to ask and respond face to face. And after you have started a conversation on a channel, you can not act like strangers on others: for this reason customer engagement strategies move crossway, involving all communication media. The relationships cultivated on social media become so useful levers at all levels of communication, from advertising to classic Facebook marketing or to unconventional events.

Cross skills

This unifying vision has led us to develop different skills in order to offer our clients customer engagement strategies that are integrated with all components of both online and offline:

  • Digital. Digital strategy, developing of digital identity, web design, developing of websites and applications, online advertising, SEO/SEM, mobile marketing, developing of mobile websites and mobile applications.
  • Social Media. Social media strategy, web monitoring, Facebook marketing, developing of Facebook and Twitter apps, blog, community, content marketing. It all starts with the analysis of people’s behaviors, then it comes to the daily management of the social spaces and interactions.
  • Events. Territorial tours, guerrilla, unconventional marketing, conventions, incentive and augmented reality. Events are the present and the future of communication, because they are essential to experience building between brands and people.
  • Offline media. Print campaigns, Radio commercials, Tv coimmercials. Advertising is evolving: our approach is to integrate classic adv and communication platforms that make people talk and create conversations.

In depth analysis:


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