Case History

Below the line for Darty shops

Case History

Below the line for Darty shops

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In brief
Generate traffic on the points of sale, increase in sales, strike a balance between product offers and communication

Darty, France’s leading company in the distribution of electronics, appliances, computers and telephony, chooses IAKI to design a below the line project in-store. Sandro Marchetti, CEO of IAKI, tells us how it went.

What were the client’s objectives?

Generating traffic to the stores, increasing sales, developing a positioning effectively striking a balance between the product supply and communication.

How have you tackled the task?

We have defined a communication strategy focused on a language that is both commercial and creative that takes into account not only the products offered, but also the originality of communication. All below the line materials in-store have been designed with this aim; in order to create traffic, visibility and brand awareness.

Tell us about the below the line project that you developed.

Darty had little awareness in its target audience, the brand reputation was little established in Italy, so it needed a strong, clear, memorable strategy, based primarily on people’s needs. With this in mind we started with the first complete redesign of the communication media of Darty, the flyer, redesigning the graphics and conceptual lines, and commercial areas as well, making them more flexible for vendors. Compared with the previous flyer, now it finally seems as a child of the same mother! Now it had a brand identity!

Some examples of art direction?

The stylistic references, color choices, the language of the titles, all had a common thread matching the new brand guidelines. Red ears that recall the Darty logo, the breath of white that recalls the dominant color of the pages, the minimalism of the spaces marked with the cleaning and the sharpness of his character, are all creative gimmicks to support a strong and clear brand identity.