Web monitoring to listen to one, a hundred, a thousand voices

Even if people have always loved to talk, they have never had so many opportunities to do that today. So even the most uni-directional communications, like a commercial on TV, have become the subject of opinions and comments, perhaps written on Twitter sitting on the couch at home. In the era of access, to publish our opinions is often only a smartphone away. And although many companies would immediately start buttonholing the talkers on the network, as in life 1.0, it is important to listen before speaking.

Brands with ears

Before they even get involved, brands must know how to listen: it is web listening. Listening means recognize, analyze, and understand conversations that take place between people within social media. That’s why web listening, or web monitoring, or brand reputation as it is sometimes called, is a fundamental activity:

  • To get a feedback from consumers and experts.
  • To understand what issues really affect them.
  • To test the effectiveness of communication campaigns and other marketing operations.
  • To monitor competitors and their campaigns.
  • To find influencers related to their markets and segments offer.
  • To detect problems that affect their image, the use of products or even the shopping experience.

Web listening answers important questions

Web monitoring activities answer questions that plague those who work in marketing and communication:

  • What opinions are circulating on the net about my company and my products?
  • Are there negative views on my brand, that could trigger a crisis?
  • Who is spreading spontaneously positive marketing messages on my products and with what effect?
  • How much do they talk about my new product after all that I invested with recent campaigns?
  • Do people talk about me more or less than about my competitors?
  • Am I choosing the right channels to my social media strategy?

Not only that, because the web monitoring provides valuable elements also to those who work in the areas of Customer Care, CRM, Product Development, Sales, Human Resources.

Knowing how to listen

Web listening is not something purely technical, even if some advanced technical tools are essential to perform it. Moreover, it is a real discipline requiring true integration of skills:

  • Language skills, to set up research systems.
  • In-depth knowledge of the digital world, which offers the map and the key to understand what is happening on the network.
  • Being accustomed to the use of online communication channels and tools, to understand the phenomena and their interrelationships.
  • Reading skills of market researches, because web listening can provide qualitative and quantitative data that are complex to interpret.

Web monitoring is the foundation of social media strategies

IAKI entered the world of technology for listening to the web in 2005, and since 2009 we’ve been using the web monitoring on a daily basis in the development of strategies for digital and social media marketing. We believe that only after a proper action of web listening you have access to the essential elements from which to develop effective strategies and creativity.

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