Augmented Reality: What is it?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a frontier technology that allows you to overlay virtual objects and multimedia (3D objects, movies, photos, information) to the environment. It involves people through dynamic interaction greatly enhanced when the virtual experience overlaps with the real time integration that increasingly tends to perfection. The digital components that allow you to “boost” the perceived reality, can be made through a mobile device (eg smartphone), a PC equipped with a webcam, vision devices or manipulation (eg, goggles or gloves VR, a virtual reality) , headsets, and more. Through Augmented Reality creates a brand for people experience the unusual product and interactive, basically memorable.

What are the most important techniques of Augmented Reality?

Among the most effective ways of interaction today available to an Augmented Reality agency there’re:

  • Geo-location – The applications are able to add to the reality that appears, framed as a smartphone, multiple layers of geo-referenced information, obtained by reading the position of the person with the phone’s GPS. Thus the recovery of a monument, for example, can provide information about it, allow the opening of a link open link and so on
  • Marker-based Tracking – Through the use of webcams, applications recognize an element taken from reality and present in their database (for example, a sign, a code) and turn it into a digital event with which the user interacts. For example, the software can recognize the logo of a food product on the pack, taken from the webcam, and from there to submit the page of a recipe.
  • Markerless Tracking – In this case, the application is able even to activate the digital experience risconoscendo objects not preconfigured in the software but identified through their shape Faces, body parts, objects, are examples of items classifiable Augmented Reality software that can track and identify

Let aside how the real elements are recognized by the applications, there are many experiences that the software can generate. All have in common the ability for the user to perform actions and see real “augmented” to monitor where such “increase” can be worn items, move things, change backgrounds, perform movements iperbolizzati, just to mention a few cases.

IAKI and Augmented Reality

In order to offer its customers the best solutions for customer engagement, IAKI has chosen and adopted a platform on which to develop technological solutions to Augmented Reality. The platform is leading the way internationally, allows IAKI to develop advanced applications of Augmented Reality, adding value to an already proven and reliable technology.

In depth analysis:

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