Case History

Facebook marketing for RSA

Case History

Facebook marketing for RSA

ATL/BTL, Digital
In Sintesi
Promote a special Harley Davidson insurance programme and increase quote requests.

RSA Insurance has asked IAKI to develop a Facebook marketing strategy to promote the Harley Davidson Protection insurance programme. Nicoletta Caluzzi, President of IAKI, describes certain aspects of the project.

What were the objectives of this Facebook marketing strategy?

The website asked us to create an online advertising campaign targeted at Harley Davidson owners. The aim was to identify and engage fans through the use of web-based communication tools such as banners, DEM and text ads. The Facebook marketing strategy implemented makes use of instruments that, far from being inconclusive, are extremely efficient.  

What instruments?

Our Facebook marketing strategy focused mainly on very specific channels:

  • a DEM addressed to communities and databases of Harley owners
  • a Facebook campaign addressed to the Italian community of over 170,000 users
  • a Google advertising campaign based on keywords that are significant for Harleys, and also for motorcycle insurance
  • a Google Display campaign for keywords and target websites

In addition, we created a landing page specifically designed to stimulate lead generation. On this page, users can obtain quotes by filling in just a few fields of data.

Let’s talk about Facebook, around which the campaign revolves…

Facebook is the ideal tool to plan a campaign in line with the interests and passions of users, who can be selected not only in terms of age, gender and location, but in terms of the pages of which they are fans. To date, the Harley Davidson page has over 170,000 Likers, providing an effective launch pad for the initiative “we insure your passion”. To this end we have prepared very appealing and highly recognisable images, accompanied by a call to action that invites users to click so as to “insure their passion”.
Creativity is by no means a marginal element of Facebook advertising campaigns, as some may naively think; creativity enables us to further segment the audience, focussing both on engagement and on subsequent conversion.