Case History

Customer engagement for Ventura S.p.A

Case History

Customer engagement for Ventura S.p.A

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New business in TGG Fiera di Rimini, communicate Travelgood promise

Ventura SpA chooses IAKI to do customer engagement for Travelgood within the TTG Rimini Fiera. Franco Lualdi, General Manager of IAKI, tells us how it went.

What do Ventura S.p.A and Travelgood do?

Ventura SpA is a leading company in the travel, meetings and exhibitions industry. Its mission is to provide quality products and services through innovation and expertise. It stands as the perfect advisor for the work force. Travelgood  is the brand that deals with large retail chains in the tourism sector in Italy, providing products and solutions for travel operators.

What were the client’s requests in the brief?

The pillars were to attract potential new customers during the TTG Rimini Fiera through a stand with a  strong stopping power and conveying a totally aspirational message. And to communicate Travelgood’s promise and to convey an advanced energizing and reassuring image.

How have IAKI replied?

We sent them to hell, and to paradise as well! – At this point there is a collective laughter – We have developed a communication strategy and designed totally provocative creativity to convey the values of the commercial offer pointing to the involvement and interaction during the event. The communication strategy was not limited only to the event, but it was a sounding board for the brand. The walls of the stand showed really heaven and hell.

Creativity that wins…

Together with the communication strategy, of course! So Franco responds, smiling. Starting from this asset, part of  IAKI’s DNA, we have in fact transformed the stand into a “supernatural” world. Yes, we set up  Travelgood’s booth as if you were in heaven and hell. At the center of the stand there was a ladder, symbol of choice, and at the top of it there was a pair of three-dimensional wings, icon of flight, momentum, positivity. At the base, a message: ” we are there for you, even in hell” – “choose to fly high, do it with us”. The center of the stand three desks have welcomed guests catapulted into a whole new world, and high impact. Guests were able to get a reminder of the Fair, through a gadget, a bookmark stuck with some real wings. Nothing, even trivial, is out of the communication strategy designed by IAKI. Everyone has a common denominator, the creative concept.

30 October 2012