Case History

Brand experience for Baci Perugina

Case History

Brand experience for Baci Perugina

In brief
Customer engagement and reinforcement of brand identity

For Valentine’s Day, Baci Perugina asked IAKI for a brand experience solution in order to celebrate the day dedicated to love with its fans and all lovers. Nicoletta Caluzzi, president of IAKI, describes the details of the project to us.

What does the brand experience project you designed consist of?

We developed a nation-wide initiative to celebrate the day of lovers, 14 February, together with all the brand’s fans, chocolate lovers and those who want to give a special gift to their partners. The initiative consisted in setting up two Baci Perugina gazebos in central areas of Perugia and Naples. Here everyone had the possibility of expressing their feelings to their loved ones: a professional calligrapher hand-wrote personalised Baci Perugina scrolls, with the phrases of passers-by who wanted to engrave their love. The more technology-minded people had the possibility of sending their messages of love through a digital device with a water screen installed in the square, in real time.

What were the objectives of the event?

The project was born under the star of the brand experience, around which revolved engagement and newsworthiness: fans and consumers of the product immediately recognised the value of the initiative, proving to be enthusiastic and eager, while passers-by were curious about the initiative and keen to taste the chocolates, to discover the world of Perugina. This generated noise, and as a result, great attention around the brand.

What were the strengths of the initiative?

Apart from the beautiful location of the cities that hosted us, it was surely the set-up: inside the gazebo there was a set that recreated the true atmosphere of the old scribes. A white desk housed an inkwell, a writing table and a goose feather pen, and the calligrapher wrote down the words of love and affection that passers-by wanted to dedicate to their loved ones, using blue ink and a nineteenth-century font. The scroll was then rolled up and sealed with a silver elastic bow, ready to be accompanied by a Bacio. In short, a fully-rounded and complete brand experience.

How did the passers-by get involved?

The gazebo was manned by a team of hostesses who engaged the passersby by explaining the activity going on inside the gazebo and offering a trial product (classic Baci and white Baci). The event saw the active participation of a great number of people who dedicated their words of love to partners, parents and friends, and it was a beautiful example of how we can strengthen brand identity by offering an opportunity to have a unique experience. It was very exciting for everyone, even for us.